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The United States Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics (USECA) is an organization for coaches devoted to the progress of elite and age group level gymnastics in America. Members enjoy the benefits of regularly scheduled meetings at major elite level events and USA Gymnastics Congress, representation on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors (with two votes) and on other USAG Committees, a major voice and influence on the rules, policies and decisions that govern and affect our age group gymnasts and coaches, regular communication with members (a major goal of USECA is to keep you informed on elite level gymnastics and its relationship with all levels of gymnastics). Members also receive the USECA Newsletter published 8 - 10 times per year, recognized as a primary source of information in the gymnastics community.


 The United States Elite Coaches Association was founded to serve gymnastics coaches and others interested in elite women’s gymnastics through educational materials, representation on the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors, and awards to those who have served the Association and elite women’s gymnastics. The U.S.E.C.A. provides elite gymnastics coaches and other members of the Association a vehicle for communication through monthly Journals, video recordings, and a website. The Association is built from volunteer coaches, educators, scientists, judges, and other devoted to elite women’s gymnastics.

U.S.E.C.A. has been serving elite women’s gymnastics since 1976. The annual meeting is held each year in conjunction with the USA Gymnastics National Congress.

Current members can RENEW their membership by clicking on the membership form HERE.

NEW MEMBERS! The USECA year begins in Septebmer but join now and receive the current Journal as a new member bonus! If you are interested in joining USECA, you can use your credit card and click here to register online or click here to print out a registration form and mail to:

Natalie Duke
10 Quail Point Place
Carmichael, CA 95608

or call 916-487-3559.

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Other USECA membership resource privileges include :

  • Membership News from Dr. Bill Sands
  • From the Elite Front by Gary Anderson
  • The Elite Process by Stephen Rybacki
  • Collection of reports, studies and articles from Ol' Doc Sands!
  • "Athlete Conditioning and Peaking" book by Dr. Larry Nassar!
  • Team Handbook ("Chalk Dust on my Shoulders") !
  • "What Simple Folks Do" series by John Wojtczuk
  • Sport Nutrition News by Michelle Dusserre-Ferrell
  • "Posture Lady" articles by Kris Buchheister
  • VIDEO Club!

ARTICLES (some samples below) and MUCH, MUCH MORE! Become a member TODAY! You will find copies of a sample of articles and resources available to our members by clicking on the FREE Articles link.

In recent Newsletters:

What Do Simple Folks Do - (The Series) "Level 4 Trampoline Skills" by John Wojtczuk
This section is aimed at developing salto skills for the following levels. The skills introduced and discussed here, the forward and backward saltos, are really begun on floor with the rolls and dive roll progressions...

Series: Topics in Muscular Anatomy and Kineseology with Implications for Gymnastics Training "Reflections from Athens" by Jeni McNeal, Ph.D.
Focus has been identified in numerous studies on elite and Olympic athletes as being one of the primary factors affecting individual athlete competitive performance and outcome...

Straight and to the Point - "Respect the Rotator Cuff!" by Suzanne Hecht, MD and Kris Buchheister, PT
As gymnastics coaches you probably don't think about this structure too often, but the rotator cuff is hard at work during most gymnastics skills. The rotator cuff is the workhorse of the shoulder joint and is generally...

From the Elite Front by Gary Anderson, National PreElite Program Chair
I don't think enough can be said for the athletes, coaches and administrators who made the Olympics such a great success. It is easy to recognize their efforts and accomplishments, but lets make sure to remember...

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