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Click here to order online or click here to print out a registration form to order any of the Resource Materials or books below from USECA:

“Conditioning and Peaking the Junior Olympic Gymnast – 7th Edition” by Larry Nassar, D. O., A.T.C. - $39.00 (plus shipping), NOW available in booklet or on CD

Conditioning and Peaking the Junior Olympic Gymnast is updated each year for the latest materials on conditioning. It covers the all-important general conditioning exercises into assigned weeks. The goal is to peak the physical strength of the age group gymnast. Additional material is devoted to the rehabilitation of certain body parts. It serves as a compliment to your physical therapy treatment of an injured athlete. NEW sections have been added. Comes in your choice of easy-to-read, spiral bound notebook or CD.

"Best Practices for Gymnastics Professionals " by Michael Taylor - $69.00 (plus shipping), book only

Policies and Procedures that WORK, ... a compilation of industry best practices and information to help every gymnastics organization move to a higher performance.

"Straight and To the Point" by Kris (Buchheister) Robinson - $39.00 (plus shipping), book only

Straight from the Posture Lady herself, ...

"Elbow Rehabilitation Program" by Larry Nassar, DO, ATC- $149.00 (plus shipping), 2 disc CD

The purpose of the CD and accompanying booklet is to:

  • Enhance the knwledge of the medical professionals working with your  gymnasts regarding gymnastics specific rehabilitation.
  • Program incorporates some ideas of drills based off of Dr. Bill Sands, "Drills for Skillls" CD
  • These skills may be attempted by gymnast recovering from an injury.
  • Review with physician and trainer/therapist to ensure proper treatment of the athlete's injury.
  • These exercises can also be incorporated into an injury prevention program.
  • Coaches can select exercises of the CD's to use in their conditiong programs.

"Been There, Done That, Got the T-shirt - Reflections on the Path to Elite " by Jeni McNeal, Ph.D - $39.00 (plus shipping), book only

2008 , ...

"What Simple Folk Do " by John Wojtczuk - $49.00 (plus shipping), book or CD

2008 , ...

"Physical Prep and Planning for Elite Gymnastics" by Jenni McNeal, Ph. D. - $39.00 (plus shipping), CD only

Complete training plan, ...

“USECA Team Handbook – Chalk Dust on my Shoulders” by David B. Holcomb and the USECA Membership - $29.00 (plus shipping), NOW available in booklet or on CD

Current ideas for running a team program that includes team philosophy, rules and policies, systems necessary, income strategies, parent and gymnast useful information. Some of the highlights to be found in this book:

  • USECA Survey returns complied for this update
  • What clubs are really doing now
  • Cost of training an elite athlete
  • “How to” ideas for your Booster Club
  • How to incorporate travel expenses in your programs
  • How to add training for coaches to a busy schedule
  • What other funding activities are clubs utilizing
  • What salary base do you use for your staff
  • What is your schedule for training at each level
  • What are the responsibilities for your coaching staff
  • Much, much more!

“Drills for Skills v 1.0” by William A. Sands, Ph. D., and Jeni R. McNeal, C.S.C.S. - $69.00 (plus shipping), available on CD only

Many Eastern and Western European nations have dull “encyclopedias” from which they instruct their future coaches on the finer points of gymnastics skills and lead-up drills. However, the United States has lacked a comprehensive, easy-to-understand text such as these… until NOW!

Drills for Skills v 1.0 is the first attempt to document all possible drills for gymnastics skills as basic as a forward roll to the more advanced D and E elements being performed by today's top gymnasts.

“Gymnastics Training and Competition Planner” by William A. Sands, Ph. D., and Jeni R. McNeal, C.S.C.S - $59.00 (plus shipping), book only

The need for a simple, comprehensive and useful training planner has been needed for some time. The book is designed to organize training and coaching so that a more efficient and effective approach to training and performance can be achieved. The planner is organized to move from athlete-specific information to planning forms and information.

“The Collected Gymnastics Works of William A. Sands, Ph. D. with Selected Articles from other Authors that have appeared in the USECA Newsletters” by William A. Sands, Ph. D., et al. - $59.00 (plus shipping), CD only

Bill Sands researched all the past USECA publications to come up with a list of the most important articles he has written. He also included important USECA articles from other Authors. Instead of going through all your past publications to find that article you want to teach a new skill or to perfect one – you can now just pop in a CD and have it right there at your fingertips! You can even print out a hard copy for your staff! This is a must-have for every competitive gym.

“Coaching Women's Gymnastics” by William A. Sands, Ph. D. - $59.00 (plus shipping), CD only

This book will provide you with more practical information than any other book you have on gymnastics! If you have read this book earlier in your career, it's time to revisit the wisdom in this new edition. Special thanks to Bill Sands for sharing this with USECA Members! Take the opportunity to tell your peers about this book – a great gift idea!

You will also find copies of a sample of articles and resources available to our members by clicking on the FREE Articles link. If you are interested in joining USECA, click here to register online or click here to print out a registration form and mail to:

Natalie Duke
10 Quail Point Place
Carmichael, CA 95608

or call 916-487-3559.

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